Shanghai Nagamori Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.) was established in 1990. As the first foreign-invested company residing in Pudong New Area, it was promoted by the media as "Pudong No. 1". Since its establishment, Nagamori has been mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, agitators, power station equipment, machinery equipment, and modular factories. Nagamori serves i...

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  • Nagamori has its own professional mixing laboratory and the professional R&D team, which can perform simulation calculations, blade selection, material experiments, process improvements and others for customers based on the characteristics of feedstocks. At the same time, Nagamori can provide customers with the integrated design and manufacture of agitator and autoclave, so as to solve the problem of mismatch between customer's on-site agitator and autoclave.
      • Effectively control the vibration and shaking of the entire equipment
      • Reduce differences caused by different tank and agitator suppliers
      • Reduce the workload of customers on site
      • Reduce the risk of connection occurrence
  • Nagamori has been engaged in research and development of mixing technology since 2003 and has formed an integrated solutions, which has been highly recognized by customers. Main products are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, FMCG and other fields.
      • Filter
      •     ● Self-cleaning Filter
      •     ● Dish Filter
      • Vibration Dryer
      • Vibration Crusher
      • Solid-liquid Disperser
  • Nagamori has a complete nuclearproduct quality management system. We supply nuclear class 2 & 3 vessels, heat exchangers and modules. We provide high-quality equipment and good services for domestic and foreign power companies and power engineering companies.
  • Nagamori has more than 30 years experience in detailed design and manufacturing pressure vessels. Our products meet the standards of the majority of countries in the world. They are mainly applied in Chemical, Refining, Oil &Gas, Fine Chemical and other industries.
      • Heat exchanger
      • Column
      • Storage tanks, etc.
  • Nagamori not only fabricate equipment, but also has rich experience in functional integration. According to process requirements, NAGAMORI supplies the packaged unit.
      • Facilitate process improvement
      • Easy to transport and install on site
      • Easy to maintain
  • With the integrated package of the pilot experiment system, single-stage thin-film evaporation can be carried out or two-stage thin-film evaporation pilot experiment combined with a short-range generator.

  • The particles flow with vibration in this system. This is our unique drying technology. Our technology can be applied in various industry. If you put in balls and other media, it can be crushed and dried together.

  • The process of filtration, washing, and drying can be completed in WD. The process flow can be simplified and production efficiency can be improved. Moreover, material pollution can be prevented and steam sterilization can be performed

  • A large amount of powder enters into the mixing chamber through the solid inlet and the atomized liquid enters into the mixing chamber from the liquid inlet. With the high-speed rotating impeller, the powder and liquid droplets are fully mixed in a f

  • Bulk Material Processing System

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